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We provide ready-made & custom ChatGPT Simulation-based Training & end-to-end Learniverses to drastically increase the effectiveness of eLearning training​

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Highly effective and engaging way of learning and development

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AI Simulators

Ready-made AI powered simulations for development of specific skills in sales, customer service and management

3D office with a phone that you use to make a Cold Call, there are posters on the wall which give you advice on how to make it


End-to-end learning experiences powered by AI to develop both knowledge and skills in wide range of topics​

A 3D room with multiple interactive elements that give you information about Active Listening, Feedback and Demonstration with lots of items like boards, posters and screens

Interactive Learning Resources​

Traditional training materials transformed into highly engaging and effective learning resources​

Colorful interactive graphic elements showcasing Feedback techniques and an animation video on a screen showing how to give effective feedback

Some of our clients


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Woman - client - age between 20 and 30
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“Grateful for the personal touch and creativity”

In the process of attracting new talent, we need to be sure that we are constantly upgrading the tools we use. Thanks to the quiz game that Immersica designed for us, we were able to make our presence known with an interesting approach at career events and open days. We are grateful for the personal touch and creativity. We look forward to our collaboration continuing to be so successful in the future, using other of Immersica's innovative products.

Iveta Angelova
Events & Advertising Expert at Agropolychim
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“One of a kind service”

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Sophie Moore
VP of Design at Google
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“Recommending Immersica to anyone looking to get a project from the FUTURE.”

The partnership with Immersica has been a huge success for us. The combination of professionalism, creativity and dedication makes them an ideal choice for organizations looking for innovative educational (and more!) solutions. We are grateful for the partnership and look forward to future collaborative projects.
I have no hesitation in recommending Immersica to anyone looking to get a project from the future.

Bogdana Manova
Director of "Dechitsa" foundation


Interactive Learning
White & Dark Mode




Simulators &Learniverses




Managerial and Sales topics
Real-life scenarios
Scorm Integration
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Traditional learning methods report an average retention rate of 5% to 10%, whereas simulation-based training can increase this rate to as much as 75%

4.9 / 5 on Trustpilot
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Our mission at Buzzle is to empower businesses like yours to thrive in today's dynamic and data-driven landscape.

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We've meticulously crafted our platform to provide you with the tools and insights you need to not just survive but to excel in your industry

Buzzle simplifies the complexities of data, offering clarity where there was once confusion. We understand that in the modern world, data is the key to informed decision-making. With Buzzle, you'll harness the power of your data to drive your business forward.

We've meticulously designed our platform to equip your agency with the tools and insights necessary for not only surviving but excelling in your industry.

At the core of our platform lies a dedication to empowering your agency with the resources it needs to thrive within your industry. Our meticulous design approach extends to creating an environment where your agency can not only survive but truly excel.

We've meticulously forged our platform to offer you the tools and insights essential for not just surviving but excelling through collaboration within your industry.

We understand that thriving in today's dynamic business landscape requires more than individual efforts—it necessitates a collective approach. That's why we've invested significantly in developing collaborative tools and features that empower you and your stakeholders to work together effectively.

We've meticulously fortified our platform to equip you with the essential security measures and insights you need to not only thrive but to be at the forefront of your industry.

At our core, we are committed to safeguarding your interests and ensuring your success in your industry. With painstaking attention to detail, we have bolstered our platform's security features to provide you with a robust defense against potential threats.

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