3D office with a phone that you use to make a Cold Call, there are posters on the wall which give you advice on how to make it

How our AI Simulators work

Experience AI-guided training with customizable difficulty and targeted evaluations for continuous skill improvement and knowledge enhancement

  • Simulation (or task)

  • Evaluation of performance & learning

  • Iterative/ Dynamic Repetition

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A chatbot conversation simulating a sales conversation and providing an analyse how did the salesperson do

Traditional learning methods report an average retention rate of 5% to 10%, whereas simulation-based training can increase this rate to as much as 75%

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Unlock Excellence with our AI Simulators

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We provide ready-made ChatGPT-powered simulations for development of specific skills in sales, customer service and managers​

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We provide end-to-end learning experiences powered by AI to develop both knowledge and skills in wide range of topics​

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We transform traditional training materials into highly engaging and effective learning resources​

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Set clear objectives and track your progress toward achieving them. Buzzle helps you define your goals and ensures you're on the right path to success.

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Turn raw data into actionable insights with our Data Analysis and Reporting services. Our experts will help you extract valuable information, identify trends, and provide clear reports.

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Leverage our expertise to shape your business strategy. Buzzle's Consultation and Strategy services provide insights, recommendations, and a roadmap for achieving your goals.

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